HOLLIS+: The Place to Start

HOLLIS+ is the newest version of the library catalog. It allows you to search for both books and articles in a single, simple search interface, while offering many options for refining search results and constructing more precise searches. For non-Roman searching (i.e., Cyrillic) there are some caveats. It's a great way to get started.

E-Research: Mine the Databases

Some of the most powerful and useful research resources are within Harvard's extensive list of licensed databases, or e-resources. Try clicking on the "Subject" tab and then scroling down to "Slavic Studies" under "Regional and Cultural Studies" to see many Slavic-specific resources. 

Research Guides: Dig In

Librarians across the University have created research guides to help you locate resources. Whether it's statistics and data, government documents, comparative literature, archives and manuscripts, or many, many other topics, the chances are there's a research guide that can get you started. Don't miss the one for Slavic studies.

HOLLIS Classic: It's (Sometimes) Better

HOLLIS Classic is the earlier version of the library catalog. It allows for searching in non-Roman character sets, as well as browsing of subject headings, authors, titles, and call numbers. For some kinds of searching, it can be a more precise and rigorous tool.

Transliterate Those Searches

Both HOLLIS Catalogs and most of the library e-resources follow the Library of Congress system of transliteration from the Cyrillic. This page has links to tables for transliteration of Russian as well as many other Slavic languages that use Cyrillic alphabets.

Get to Know Your Portal

The main portal for the entire Harvard Library system consolidates library resources and information in one starting place. For more detailed information on just the major libraries of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, you can also check out the hcl.harvard.edu portal.