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Data Management

Data Repositories

Funder requirements may require use of specific repositories for sharing and/or archiving your research data. Sharing research data by publishing it to a repository can also lead to further reuse and discoverability. See the DMPTool and check with your funder to confirm the suitability of a particular repository.

Harvard Dataverse – openly available to researchers worldwide from all disciplines to deposit, publish and share research data and increase scholarly recognition. Dataverse gives a researcher:

  • A formal citation to your data files, with a persistent identifier
  • Credit and full control of your data
  • Your own branding for your dataverse
  • Professional backups of your data
  • A way to make your work more visible and searchable


Other Data Repositories

Software Repositories

Publishing your software or programs is also highly recommended to promote the replication of your research and further discoveries. Some repository solutions include additional features that can assist you with managing the software or program development process. Consider the following options:

Before you consider one of the repository solutions above, it is recommended that you consult the SHERPA RoMEO website for the publisher's copyright and self-archiving policies. The website features a comprehensive list of publishers, organized by requirements and embargo periods, that researchers can use to determine their deposition or publication rights.

File Storage and Storage Costs

For help with possible file storage options available to Harvard researchers, contact:

When putting together your proposal and data management plan (DMP), you may also want to consider including the costs involved with storing and/or publishing your data.