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Tips for Creating Videos


Quick Tips

A few quick tips we learned at the library while using the filming studios at Cabot:

  • Bring a thumb drive with plenty of space on it with you when you go to film.
  • Always wait a few seconds to start talking after you start the filming otherwise the first few seconds will get cut off.
  • Rather than trying to do everything in one take plan to film a couple of sentences at a time, compose yourself then do a few more.  You can edit out the pauses and spaces after you've finished filming.
  • Put a mark on your spot on the floor so you'll know where to come back to after pauses so that you don't jump around too much on screen.
  • If you have sections where the video doesn't come together perfectly, you can use a fade in fade out in the editing process to smooth those rougher transitions.
  • If you plan on using the teleprompter make sure you create plenty of space between sentences using a repeating symbol like ... or ---.  People speak more slowly than they read, so you will need the extra space to pause and breathe.  Think in advance about where you would like these pauses to go.
  • Take the time to get the lighting and sound exactly how you want them.  It's easier to fix it before it's a problem than to have to try and improve bad lighting or sound in the editing process.


For Scheduling:  Ron Lacey <>

For Help in the Studio:

  • Berstler, Susan <>
  • Joanna Huang <>
  • Worster, Paul Milo <>