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Countway Library Resources

Quick links into our most common research databases and discovery tools.

Finding Journal Articles

Multi-database Full-text Search Tool: Countway Discovery Medicine

Unlike the stand alone academic databases below, Countway Discovery Medicine allows you to search the full text of articles in a variety of databases all at the same time. 

Countway Discovery Medicine searches the full text of the PDF journal article rather than just the article title and abstract. The search is also matched against an index of terms (e.g. MeSH). If your keyword matches a term in a paper and also matches, or is a synonym of, a term in the index then that paper will rise in relevance in the results list.


BioMedical & Health Science Databases. 

  • PubMed (MEDLINE)
    Start your search here.  MeSH is useful for nucleating search concepts.
  • Embase
    Approximately 85% overlap with MEDLINE with more second tier European and Asian journals. Has some meetings.  EMTREE controlled vocabulary can be adapted from MeSH terms.
  • Web of Science (Science Citation Index)
    Broad but not deep coverage of all sciences.  Will cover some journals missed by PubMed and Embase. Some meeting information. No controlled vocabulary.


Single Citation Discovery

Search for articles using a known citation with this Harvard Library tool. (Including direct discovery using Journal Name, PMID, or DOI) 

Requesting articles or books that you cannot find

  • Get It! (Harvard Library's Document Delivery Service)