Spring 2020

The Power of Your Digital Brand: Leveraging Multimedia to Curate a Career Driven Professional Profile


Wednesday, April 15, 4 pm to 5 pm, Online 

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Thursday, April 16, 12 pm to 1 pm, Online 

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In today’s digital age knowing how to effectively promote your work, your ideas and yourself via multimedia is essential. This workshop will serve as a primer on curating a professional, career-oriented digital brand. We will discuss simple ways HGSE students can leverage various forms of social media and multimedia to curate a digital profile that will stand out and clearly reflect their professional interests and skills.

High-level topics covered in this session include:

  • What is Your Digital Brand and Why Does it Matter?
  • Twitter: Promoting Your Work, Ideas and Yourself
  • Video Abstracts: Promoting Your Work, Ideas and Yourself
  • LinkedIn: Promoting Your Work, Ideas and Yourself

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