What is citation software?

Citation and research management tools help you organize your research and keep track of your references. They also make it easy to add citations into the documents you're working on and automatically generate bibliographies in pretty much any style. Harvard primarily supports the use of EndNote and Zotero.

In addition, Harvard has licenses for two tools with citation management capability:

F1000Workspace (the citation management side of F1000)

  • web-based citation management tool
  • supports entire academic research and writing process
  • emphasis on the life sciences


  • web-based authoring platform
  • designed to facilitate easy collaboration
  • especially good for LaTeX users
  • allows for integration of citation tool libraries

Harvard also supports the use of Perma.cc, a tool to create and save permanent links to online sources. 

Which citation tool should you choose? Check out our Citation Tools Comparison Chart!

*If you're looking for guidance on citation styles, not tools, check out our Citation Style Guides page.

Zotero Classes at Harvard

Zotero Basics classes

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EndNote Classes at Harvard

EndNote Basics classes

Wednesday, 10/24: 3:00-4:30 PM, Lamont Library B30

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