Register with EndNote Online

Register with EndNote Online in order to by able to sync your library across multiple devices and to share your library with collaborators.

EndNote Preferences Sync window

  1. Register at
  2. Open the EndNote desktop application.
  3. Open EndNote Preferences (Mac: Endnote --> Preferences; PC: Edit --> Preferences)
  4. Under the Sync tab, enter your email address and password information.

Note: The information under "Sync this this EndNote Library" will fill in automatically.

Setting up EndNote Find Full Text

The Find Full Text feature in EndNote works with your Harvard Key to access licensed articles. To enable EndNote to retrieve Harvard-licensed full-text documents, you’ll need to set up the Find Full Text options under the ‘Preferences’ menu. For best results, also set up the OpenURL features (instructions).

To set up Find Full Text:EndNote preferences window

  1. From the 'Edit’ Menu (Or EndNote menu with Mac OS), choose ’Preferences …'
  2. Choose 'Find Full Text' from the choices on the left.
  3. Check all four of the boxes for full text search options.
  4. For 'OpenURL Path,' enter:
  5. For 'Authentication URL,' enter:
  • (Harvard Key)



To actually use the Find Full Text feature, see the instructions on the Using EndNote at Harvard page.

Setting Up OpenURL

EndNote Preferences Window

  1. Set this feature up in EndNote preferences. From the ‘Edit’ menu, choose ‘Preferences…’.
  2. Choose ‘URLs & Links’ from the choices on the left.
  3. Replace the text in the ‘ISI Base URL’ box with the following URL:
  4. Leave the ‘Arguments’ unchanged.
  5. To use OpenURL, go to your library and open a reference. From the ‘References’ menu, choose ‘OpenURL Link’. A ‘Find It @ Harvard’ window will open with Harvard access choices, if any exist.