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A Harvard COVID-19 Resource Roundup

A collection of COVID-19 guides and resource lists being created at Harvard


We've created this page to address the many inquiries librarians receive, within and beyond campus, for information on Harvard-specific research on and/or responses to COVID-19.  

We've made every effort to be inclusive in what we list below, but given the rapidity with which information on the pandemic is being generated, we can't claim to be exhaustive.

If you know of a Harvard site that we've missed, please let us know at ask.library.harvard.eduWe'll add new guides and sites as we learn of them.


From the Harvard Library




These guides may contain a mix of publicly available and subscription (i.e., restricted access) resources.

Black America and COVID -19 (FAS)

COVID-19 Resources (Countway Library of Medicine, HMS)

COVID-19 Resources for Social Scientists (Harvard Kennedy School Library)

COVID-19 Data Collection (Harvard Dataverse)



COVID-19 Community Archiving Project (Special Collections, Baker Business Library, HBS)

COVID-19 Community Archiving Project (Harvard University Archives)


From Around Harvard




Coronavirus (Harvard Crimson coverage) 

  • From the undergraduate newspaper, this page highlights COVID-19 news stories about campus, community, and students.

The Coronavirus Update (Harvard Gazette)

  • As the official news publication of the University, the Gazette spotlights COVID-19 campus issues, research across schools and disciplines on the pandemic, and Harvard's social, political, and global importance and impact in fighting the disease.

COVID-19 Community Resources & Impact (Harvard in the Community)

  • Identifies partnerships of faculty, staff, and student partnerships with state, local, and community leaders in Cambridge, Boston, and beyond. Produced by the Office of Public Affairs and Communication.



COVID-19 Business Impact Center (Harvard Business School) 

  • Information, insights, and resources topically arranged, on topics like economy and finance, leadership, technology, and more. 

COVID -19 Case Teaching Resources (Harvard Kennedy School)

COVID-19: Insights and Solutions (Harvard Kennedy School)

  • Brings together resources for policymakers and public leaders from across the programs and centers of the HKS.

COVID-19 News and Resources (T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

  • Serves to highlight Chan School frontline research, advance public understanding of the pandemic, provide guidance on COVID-19, and share information. 

COVID-19 Response (Edward J. Safra Center for Ethics)

  • An initiative that brought together a bipartisan group of experts working at the intersections of economics, public health, technology, and ethics.  In April, they produced the Roadmap to Pandemic Resilience and in May, a supplement, Pandemic Resilience: Getting It Done. Site includes white papers, commentaries and a curated list of readings and resources from elsewhere.

Epidemics and African American Communities, 1793-present (Project on Race & Gender in Science & Technology, Hutchins Center)

  • A series of conversations between Dr. Evelyn Hammonds, RGSM Director, and an expert guest on health disparities African Americans have faced not just in the era of COVID-19, but in other outbreak events: smallpox, the 1918 flu, AIDS, and more. 

A Guide to COVID-19 and Early Childhood Development (Center on the Developing Child)

  • Readings, guides, podcasts.

Harvard and Africa: COVID-19 Resources (Center for African Studies)

  • A collection of readings, webinars, events,and more.

Health and Inequity in the Age of COVID-19 (Virtual Radcliffe Discussion Series, Radcliffe Institute of Advanced Study)

  • Webinars that address COVID-19 impacts on Native Americans, African Americans,  Americans with disabilities, domestic violence, and more. 

Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker (The Opportunity Insights team of Harvard researchers)

Resources: COVID-19 (The Petrie Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School)

  • A list of the scholarship, news, events, and public commentary that Center affiliates have produced in response to the range of health,  legal, technological and bio-ethical questions raised by the pandemic. 

Resources on Health Disparities and COVID-19 (Harvard Medical School Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Community Partnership)

  • Webinars, news roundup, and links to COVID-19 pages produced by affiliates and organizations.

Spiritual Resources During the COVID-19 Pandemi(Harvard Divinity School)

  • Crowd-sourced document, sponsored by the Office of the Chaplain and Religious and Spiritual Life. Also links to the RSL Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Usable Knowledge and Education Now (Harvard Graduate School of Education)

  • Links to webinars, research insights, practitioner information, media appearances and interviews with GSE experts.