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This guide provides information and links to resources relevant to Gov 94MN taught by Professor Kathy Moon. If you have library related questions, we would be happy to hear from you.

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Gathering Background Information

Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the worldwide scientific community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad spectrum of disciplines. 

Oxford Bibliographies Online offers peer-reviewed, annotated bibliographies on topics in disciplines including Philosophy and Political Science.

Finding Articles


HOLLIS is a tool that allows you to search books, article and other materials in the Harvard collection.

Social Science Premium enables you to search across databases covering the international literature in the social sciences, including politics, sociology, social services, anthropology, and education.

Google Scholar is an index of scholarly literature across disciplines, languages, time periods and publishing formats. It is also helpful for seeing how many times articles are cited after they are published, using the "Cited by" hyperlink, which will also bring up a list of those articles.

Political Science, History, and Area Studies primarily in English

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts covers the international literature of political science and international relations, along with complementary fields, including international law and public administration/policy. Provides abstracts of journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations drawn from over 1,500+ serials publications.

Historical Abstracts covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present..  Over 1800 journals published throughout the world are covered in the database.

Bibliography of Asian Studies covers articles on all subjects related to East, Southeast, and South Asia from 1971 to the present mainly in the humanities and social sciences. The most important 100+ periodicals in Asian Studies are included.

Full-text journal, magazine, and newspaper articles in Korean

RISS International (KERIS) 한국교육학술정보원 provides access to full-text of articles available through KISS, DBpia, Kyobo Scholar, E-article, New Nonmun.  "RISS Int'l ILL" request function is directly available for articles, dissertations, and book chapters.

KISS 한국학술정보 

DBpia 누리미디어 학회지 

Kyobo Scholar 교보스콜라 


New Nonmun 뉴논문 

Korea Scholar 코리아스칼라

Moazine 모아진 covers about 200 Korean e-magazines including Wŏlgan Chosŏn, Sisa chŏnŏl, etc. Keyword searching available from full-texts in 700,000 magazine articles.

KPM 조선언론정보기지 Searchable database of full-text North Korean newspapers and scholarly journals.

Chosun (Chosŏn) Ilbo Archive 조선일보 아카이브 1920-current 

Donga (Tonga) Ilbo Archive 동아일보아카이브 1920-current 

Nodong sinmun (Rodong sinmun) 로동신문, 2015-current (searchable) Searchable Nodong sinmun archives from 2015 on and viewable full-text in PDF

Nodong sinmun (Rodong sinmun) 로동신문 PDF [조선로동당중앙위원회기관지] 1947-1999 is available in PDFs (browseable by date without  searching capability)  

Inmin’gun po 인민군보 PDF [조선인민군 : 북조선 인민 위원회 민족 보위국 기관지] 1948-1997 is available in PDFs (browseable by date without  searching capability)

Naver News Library 네이버 뉴스라이브러리 covers from 1920 through 1999. Browseable by dates and searchable by keywords. includes five Korean newspapers including Kyŏnghyang sinmun 경향신문, Tonga ilbo 동아일보, Hangyŏre 한겨레, and Maeil kyŏngje sinmun 매일경제신문, and Chosŏn Ilbo 조선일보.

Finding Books

At Harvard

If you're looking for books on a topic, use the default search in HOLLIS, which is a keyword search:

If you're looking for Korean language books on topics, try the following romanized keyword searches in HOLLIS:

Or, keyword searches in Korean original scripts (Han'gŭl):

If you find an item that you think the Harvard Library should own, please submit a Collections Purchase Request.

Finding Audio-Visual and Visual materials

Films and posters of the two Koreas

Korean Movie Database 한국영화데이터베이스 

South Korean feature films 한국영화 at Harvard

North Korean films 북한영화 at Harvard

South Korean film poster collection 한국영화포스터 (approx. 3,000 physical film poster copies)

North Korean propaganda poster collection 북한선전화 (approx. 450 physical poster copies)

KTV 국가기록영상관 (e-영상역사관) 

Digital photo collections

Postcards collection of Busan Museum 부산박물관 사진엽서 콜렉션 [The looks of modern Korea from postcards : 사진엽서로 보는 근대 풍경 ] is an archive of about 3,700 digitized postcards of modern Korea from 1910 to 1945, 

Photo postcards collection of Saga Museum 사가박물관 사진엽서 콜렉션 [Modern Joseon picture postcards : 근대 조선 그림엽서 - 사가박물관 소장 한반도 그림엽서 콜렉션] is an archive of about 2,600 digitized postcards of modern Joseon (Korea) from 1900 to 1945.

Digital archive of Seoul photographs 서울 사진 아카이브 is archives of about 100,000 Seoul photograph images originally taken between 1950’s and 1980’s. T

North Korean photographs collection 북한사진 컬렉션 includes about 50,000 digitized photographs of North Korea from 1940’s to 2000’s. 

Surveys and Statistics

Korean Social Science Data Archive (KOSSDA)  Free registration required for data downloading. Keywords searchable, and browsable by survey data collections

KSDC (Korean Social Science Data Center) consists of approximately 2,000 items of survey questionnaires, survey reports, data sets of statistics and survey results including statistical yearbooks and survey reports published by the Korean government, public institutions and overseas institutions. 

KOSIS (Korean statistical Information Service) 

Harvard Library Guide to Public Opinion Sources 

Helpful Library Services & Tools