GIS Software for GSD Students

ArcGIS Desktop Licenses

Are managed by CGIS. This includes ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Desktop 2.2:

Harvard's site license for ArcGIS permits any Harvard student or staff member to install ArcGIS on their own computer. The software will run provided you are connected to the Internet inside Harvard or through the Harvard VPN. GSD students will find the necessary installers for ArcGIS from the GSD Software Server.

ArcGIS Business Analyst extension:Harvard has a license for a product named ESRI Business Analyst that provides information on the locations of all of the businesses in the country from 2006 through 2011. These data are available to GSD users through the shared network drive Goliath/geo/esri_business_analyst. Documentation of these datasets can be viewed in ArcMap through Right-Click > Data > View Item Description. 


Google Earth Pro:

Since February 2015, Google Earth Pro is freely available! Sign up here ( Google Earth adds the capability of downloading aerial photographs at much higher resolution than Google Earth. Pro also lets you view a few "premium" data sets, like census data; and also allows you to record video of your flight-paths and tours.


SketchUp Pro:

GSD students and staff can download SketchUp Pro from the GSD Software Server. SketchUp Pro has many useful capabilities for importing and exporting a variety of data formats from other tools. SketchUp Pro also has the capability to create video files. provides tutorials on how to use SketchUp.


Rhino Terrain:

RhinoTerrain is a geospatial plugin for the popular and powerful 3d modeling tool Rhinoceros3D.

Online Mapping Tools