Gutman Library 2nd Floor Renovation FAQs*

Wait, what? Gutman Library is being renovated?

Yes. Most of the renovation project is taking part on Gutman Library's 2nd floor. The project is co-locating HGSE's student-facing support services with the library services so there is a "one-stop shop" on Gutman Library's 2nd floor for research assistance, writing, communication, academic coaching, career, and academic program services. This project brings the Library together with the Office of Student Affairs, Career Services, and the Office of Academic Affairs. A variety of new spaces are being created for collaborative study and meeting rooms. The library is also getting new furniture, new reading rooms, and updated spaces to support advancing the community's digital needs, data visualization abilities, and presentation skills.

What is the timeline of the renovation project? How will construction affect the HGSE community?  

Phase 1 of the construction project starts Mon, April 18, 2022, and ends in early 2023. The following are some key dates that may help you plan your use of the Gutman Library 2nd floor and its services:

  • Monday, April 18 – Friday, May 13: Collections are closed, but the service desk remains open.

  • Saturday, May 14 – Sunday, May 22: Gutman Second Floor is closed.  

  • Monday, May 23 – Gutman Second Floor reopens to the community. 

Where can I find quiet study areas? 

Study space remains available on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th floors. Each area has varying degrees of activity. The 1st floor is the busiest, whereas the 3rd and 4th floors are comparatively quiet (but not silent). 

Can students, faculty, or staff still reserve study rooms during construction?  

The study rooms on the 2nd floor are unavailable starting on Saturday, May 14. In 2023, new and several more study/meeting rooms will debut on the 2nd floor. Please use EMS, HGSE's Reservation System to find other available rooms at HGSE.  

Can I still request books from other libraries and pick them up at Gutman Library? 

It depends. 

  • Monday, April 18 – Friday, May 13: Yes! You can request books from other libraries, Borrow Direct, or ILL for pickup at the 2nd-floor circulation desk. 

  • Saturday, May 14 – Sunday, May 22: No. Gutman Library's 2nd floor, including the circulation desk, will be closed and unavailable during this time. However, you can still request materials for pickup at another Harvard Library. 

  • Monday, May 23 – future: Yes! You can request books from other Harvard libraries, Borrow Direct, or Interlibrary Loan for pickup at the 2nd-floor circulation desk. 

I need research assistance. Where are HGSE's librarians? 

HGSE's librarians continue to offer drop-in and research appointments. If dropping by, ask for help first at the circulation desk. The staff at the circulation desk can direct you to us. Please check Gutman Library's hours for updated service modes and times. Use our Ask Us online form to ask your question, and we will email you. You can also make an appointment with us.

Will there still be books on the 2nd floor after the renovation?!

Yes, we promise there will be books on the 2nd floor after the renovation!

*Subject to change