This guide describes information about the women in religious history tradition available from Andover-Harvard Theological Library and online through the Harvard Library. It is written for Harvard Library users and non-Harvard users interested in the types of information we can provide.

The sources mentioned here are only some of those available. For more information, contact a research librarian by email, by telephone, at 617.496.AHTL (2485), or in person.

This guide was originally prepared for HDS 2325, "The Religious History of American Women," September 1999, by Clifford Wunderlich. It was last revised March 11, 2005 and updated July 2013.

Four Women Ministers, 1901

Four women ministers, 1901. St. Lawrence University

Four women ministers,1901. St. Lawrence University.[Photograph from Andover-Harvard Theological Library collection bMS 500/7(13)]