Dictionaries, etc.

Harris, Mark W. Historical Dictionary of Unitarian Universalism (2018) [Print Only]

This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Unitarian Universalism contains a chronology, an introduction, an appendix, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 400 cross-referenced entries on people, places, events and trends in the history of the Unitarian and Universalist faiths including American leaders and luminaries, important writers and social reformers.

Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography

Hundreds of concise biographies of Unitarian and Universalist leaders and celebrated individuals whose religion was Unitarian, Universalist, or Unitarian Universalist.  The theme in many of these biographies is the relationship between personal religious conviction and achievement in the larger world.  The articles have been contributed by a number of historians and researchers, many recognized experts on their subjects.

Morrison-Reed, Mark, Darkening the Doorways: Black trailblazers and Missed Opportunities in Unitarian Universalism (2011) [Print Only]

Biographies and writings by and about African-American Unitarian Universalists.  Biographies include Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, William Jackson, Peter H. Clark, Fannie Barrier Williams, Don Speed Smith Goodloe, Clarence Bertrand Thompson, Ethelred Brown, Joseph Jordan, Thomas E. Wise, Mary J. Jordan, Annie B. Willis and more.    Each biography ends with a bibliography of primary sources. 

Notable Universalist and Unitarian Women (2000) [Print Only]

Concise biographies of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist women.  Whenever possible, entries list author publications. Most of the women lived in the United States, with some effort to include Canadian and British women, as well as women from other countries.    The editors choose not to include all the women ministers.  For a more comprehensive list of ministers, see Catherine Hitchings' Universalist and Unitarian Women Ministers (1985) [Print Only]

Foss, Gwen. A Who's Who of U.U.s ( 2003) [Print Only]

Concise biographies of current and historical religious liberals.  Includes influential lay people.  The appendices list "Borderline Unitarians and Universalists", "Possibly Unitarian or Universalist", "UUs by Race and Nationality", 'U/Us in Important Fields", and ""U/U Firsts" (noteworthy accomplishments).

Harvard Square Library

This digital library of Unitarian Universalist biographies, history, books, and media includes biographical sketches of  notable Unitarian Universalists and other important figures in liberal religious history.    

Schulman, Jacob Frank. This Day in Unitarian Universalist History (2004) [Print Only]

Brief summaries, arranged chronologically, of ideas, events, and people who influenced Unitarian Universalist history.   Today's entry appears on Harvard Square Library.


 Wright, C. Conrad.  Bibliography of UU History (2001) 

Open source version of American Unitarian and Universalist Historical Scholarship: A Bibliography of Items Published 1946-1995 [Print Only].

McKanan, Dan. A Documentary History of Unitarian Universalism (2017) [Print Only]

A two-volume anthology of primary sources from Origen's On First Principles (c.a.225) to Lilia Cuervo's "Paradigm Shifts, or Having a Taste of My Own Medicine" (2015).    Few of the sources appear in their entirety.   Sources were excerpted to present a variety of voices and to highlight the ideas and phrases that influenced Unitarian Universalist  history.  Both volumes have indices and include an "About the contributors" section.   At end the second volume appears "bibliography of general histories and primary source collections".

Godbey, John Charles. A Bibliography of Unitarian Universalist History (1982) [Print Only]

This bibliography ... is intended as an aid to persons who are interested in the history of American Universalism and Unitarianism. The organization by topics will facilitate locating materials on a specific person or theme. Although the emphasis is on American history, the bibliography also contains a significant number of references to the history of English Unitarianism and Universalism and a few references related to Unitarianism in Transylvania and Poland.' (--Pref.) Includes a separate section on other bibliographies. Godbey was Professor of Church History at Meadville/Lombard Theological School, 1968-99.