This guide provides access to a curated list of resources for social science academic researchers and public policy practitioners researching the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Key Resources

Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard University Resources

News & Polls

  • Reminder: HKS affiliates have free access to individual online subscriptions to the New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Follow these instructions.
  • In addition, most newspapers are offering free access to coronavirus content.

World Health Organization (WHO)


Think Tanks

Medical & Public Health

Articles & Reports


World Health Organization (WHO)

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Services is a non-partisan think tank for Congressional members and staff. CRS staff provide detailed research reports on a  variety of topics in response to requests by members of Congress.  All COVID-19 CRS Reports are listed on this official US Government site.

Maps, Statistics & Data

Maps & Visualizations

Statistics & Data

Other Guides