Catalogs & Databases

Harvard Libraries offer many, many different ways to search for and access materials.

Use a library computer

You will need to be at a library computer in order to gain access to most of our databases.

This includes portions of HOLLIS--while Harvard Library's catalog information is available no matter where you are when you search HOLLIS, many article results will not be visible unless you are at a library computer.

Start with HOLLIS: the Library's Main Search Interface

HOLLIS allows you to explore the library catalog, a huge articles index, tables of contents, archival finding aids, and more. See our HOLLIS User Guide for information about what HOLLIS is and tips on how to search it.

Focus Your Search with a Specific Database

The Databases page gives you access to the full list of Harvard Library databases, with options to explore database by subject and to do a keyword search of database descriptions.

Some of these resources contain descriptive records, designed to help you learn that certain documents exist and to give you the information you need in order to find them in the library's collections (look for a "Try Harvard Library" button to help you connect to full text). These are often called "indexes," and examples include Web of Science, the MLA International Bibliography, and the ESTC.

Other resources (e.g. JSTOR, Naxos Music Library, Project Muse, ProQuest Statistical Insight) contain the full text of documents, high-resolution images, downloadable data, or streaming audio and video.

For specific recommendations, look for a relevant "where should I start?" answer in our Library FAQ: answers include a link to the top database in that field plus information on how to find more guidance on additional resources.