Loker Reading Room (Second Floor)

The Loker Reference Collection

Please be respectful of the quiet space when you visit.

The perimeter of Loker is lined with bookshelves containing frequently consulted reference material for various subject areas. Library staff across all campus libraries are available to provide guidance to your Junior through in person and online consultation, supporting students throughout their academic career at Harvard

About this Space

  • Loker is a popular study space, and remains extremely quiet no matter how many students are in the room. There are times of the day during exam periods when almost every seat is taken.
  • The encyclopedias, directories, bibliographies, and guides shelved here offer specialized information for academic study, and while some are now equally available online, many can only be consulted in print. The language dictionaries and style guides are particularly popular.
  • The wooden tables and chairs are the room’s original furnishing (1915), although the heights have been adjusted to make laptop use more comfortable