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Materials Pick Up

Lamont Pick Up

Front doors of Lamont Library displaying a "Front

Starting Monday, January 4, 2021 all requested library items that are available for pick-up will be ready for you at the Front Entrance of Lamont Library at the time of your reservation. 

Pick up your materials at Lamont Front Door. Direct access to the Front Door of Lamont Library is through the Solomon Gate located on Quincy Street. Once inside Harvard Yard, turn left and follow the path to the Front Door of Lamont Library. You will need your ID to enter Harvard Yard after 5PM. 

If you would like us to bring your materials to the door, or arrange for someone else to pick up your items on your behalf, please indicate this when scheduling a pick-up, or contact us at  

Please note: If you request multiple items, you only need to select a single pick-up time; we will batch all materials together.