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LLM Local Government Law/Law and Development Writing Group

This guide was designed for the Local Government Law/Law and Development Writing Group.  It contains a selection of resources that might be helpful to you as you continue to develop your paper topic, do a preemption check and continue research for your long paper.  It is not exhaustive and additional resources might be available depending on your topic.  You should consider making an appointment with the research librarians designated for your writing group ( Michelle Pearse) for a more in-depth research consultation.  There is some topic overlap with our colleagues in the corporate law writing group, so you might also want to take a look at that guide.

As you conduct your research and find sources on point with your topic, you should consider setting up alerting services from the resource if possible.  Consult with a research librarian if you need help. 

We also encourage you to take a look at the following guides that we used in other LLM trainings:

Preemption Checking for SJD's and LLM's

Finding a Paper Topic