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Qbanks, test prep books, materials to help you prepare for all sorts of exams: USMLE, Boards, USDME, Shelf exams, and more.

Internal Medicine


Obstetrics and Gynecology





The following titles are based on student feedback and surgery clerkship director recommendations for studying for Surgery shelf exam.

A sample of general Surgery residency textbooks

Content of particular interest in this resource includes the Clerkship tab and the Study Tools tab.

Geriatric Competencies

  POGOe: Portal of Online Geriatric Education: For help mastering the AAMC's Geriatric Competencies, consult     POGOe's Web Gems. These online, interactive tutorials cover the various specialties. "Individual cases can be integrated into third year clerkships with emphasis on “core topics” in, e.g., neurology, psychiatry, internal medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, OB/GYN, or the curriculum can be used as a whole within a geriatrics, internal medicine, or family medicine clerkship. The purpose of the web-GEMs cases is to develop learners’ understanding of geriatric medicine, and to integrate that understanding as they expand their skills within other specialties." Q & A banks are also provided.

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