PPA200 instructions

  1. Lay the system on its side and undo the two latches on the top. Open the lid and slide out the two speakers.
  2. Connect the speakers to the mixer using the included ¼” stereo cables. Use ONLY the included cables to connect the speakers.
  3. Connect the microphone and other audio sources to the back of the mixer. Check the guide below to see what inputs to use for each audio source.
  4. Set all the level dials to their default levels (see below) and center the faders. Turn both MAIN LEVEL knobs all the way down.

    TREBLE controls the volume of the high frequency sounds in the audio source
    Default setting: centered
    BASS controls the volume of the low frequency sounds in the audio source
    Default setting: centered
    FX controls the strength of an audio effect
    Default setting: far left
    PAN controls location (left or right) of the audio in the stereo field
    Default setting: centered
    LEVEL controls overall volume of the audio source
    Default setting: 0

  5. Turn on your wired external sources (microphones, music players, etc). Plug the AC power cable into the mixer and turn it on.
  6. Turn up the MAIN LEVEL faders 1/3 of the way up, and begin adjusting the relative levels of each of your external sources. Adjust TREBLE, BASS, and PAN as needed.

Cables and inputs

3.5mm to RCA

Use for: phones, laptops, music players, or other sources with 3.5mm output

Plug the single TRS plug into your phone, laptop, or music player. Plug the dual red and black RCA plugs into INPUT 3/4 or INPUT 5/6.

XLR cable

Use for: Behringer XM1800S microphone

Plug the female end into the mixer and the male end into the microphone. To unplug, hold down the button on the top of the plug and pull.


¼ stereo cable

Use for: PPA200 speakers

Plug one end into the front of the speaker, and plug the other end into the back of the mixer. Make sure the right and left speakers are connected to the correct outputs on the mixer.