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Expos 20 | The Politics of Nostalgia



This resource guide has been designed for students in The Politics of Nostalgia, a Spring 2022 Expos 20 course taught by Brian Pietras. roz chast cartoon in the nostalgia district a city showing internet cafe stationery, travel, and camera stores

See our suggestions simply as starting points -- a preliminary toolkit or research workbench.They represent our first best guesses at where you might find current scholarly conversations to use in your third essay. 

Remember that good research is often about following up on hunches, testing out a hypothesis and then seeing where else (or to what else) it leads. You may need to try several search word combinations before you strike gold. 

Please reach out  if questions arise at any point in your project. We'll triage by email or set up a time to meet in person.

Enjoy your work! 

Sue Gilroy, Librarian for Undergraduate Programs for Writing, Lamont Library, Room 210


Above, left: Roz Chast. "In the Nostalgia District.". Artstor,