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Expos 20: Propaganda: Essential Research Resources

Disinformation, Fake News, and Conspiracy Theories

Upcoming Assignments:

  • Email Reed an informal paragraph about possible area(s) of interest for your research paper
  • Annotated bibliography due midnight on Sunday, April 21
  • Submit draft research paper by midnight, May 1 (8-10 pages)

News Sources

Nexis Uni and Factiva
These databases of newspapers and other news media, with articles from the 1970s until today, include sources from around the world.

Databases for Journal Articles

Using the 'Everything' option in HOLLIS can bring up an overwhelming, unmanageable list of search results. Try one of these databases for a more focused set of articles and book chapters, narrowed down to specific subject areas: communications media, history, and politics.

Communication Abstracts

Historical Abstracts

America: History and Life

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts

When you're using Google Scholar, you can get full-text access to many articles as a Harvard affiliate. Just click on the three-bar menu icon in the upper left corner; then click on the gear icon for Settings. In Settings, click the Library Links tab, and type Harvard in the search box. Then select Harvard University and click Save. This will ensure that your search results display "Try Harvard Library" for any articles for which Harvard might have full-text access.


HOLLIS has two main parts. There’s the traditional Library Catalog of Harvard's books, journals, films, etc. Then there’s a huge additional database of articles, reviews, encyclopedia entries, images, etc. which come from various sources outside Harvard. Many of these are available online through Harvard's subscriptions.

You can search the Library Catalog separately, or search for "Everything" all at once. These choices appear as soon as you start typing a search.

Be sure to sign in for all functions, such as requesting books from Offsite Storage or saving results in My Favorites.

One way to do a "power search" in HOLLIS is to use the "Starts with/Browse" option. Choose Browse by SUBJECT, and type one of these subject headings from the Library of Congress. This will bring up a list of more precise subjects under the general one:

  • Propaganda
  • Disinformation
  • Fake news
  • Brainwashing
  • Deception
  • Pseudoscience

You can also use the HOLLIS Advanced Search and combine one of these Subject terms with a specific keyword, for example: Subject deception and Keyword media.

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