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States of India - A comprehensive compilation of state-level sStatistics supported by official statistical documents from state governments in India

CMIE (Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy) States of India The States of India service provides statistics, official documents of state governments, comments of CMIE analysts on the data and CMIE forecasts. The statistics are sourced from official documents and from CMIE's own monitoring machinery. These are presented in formatted tabulations, which are updated regularly. The service also provides scanned copies of the original official documents, such as the Statistical Abstracts. CMIE analysts comment on the trend seen in individual states, on significant developments in a state and also on inter-state comparisons on various parameters. The service also includes district-level information on demographic patterns, economic growth, investments, education, bank credit and agricultural performance (The Geographical Timeline may come in handy). Data from tabulations can be exported to charting and mapping tools that form an integral part of the service. Tabulations, charts and maps are inter-active. The data can be exported to spreadsheets. The database is updated everyday as new data becomes available. ACCESS NOTE: For the CMIE, you simply need to be on campus to access. The database will recognize the IP address of the computer. You will need to create a login with your own e-mail address.

District Level Household Survey (DLHS) 1-3


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