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All Formats:

Hard Copies:

Digital Copies:

  • Islamic Heritage Project manuscripts, India and Pakistan (through Harvard's Open Collections Program)
  • Āśā Saphūkuthi The Āśā Archives.
  • [A selection of Arabic and Persian manuscripts scanned from the collection of Noor Microfilm International Center.] [014303702][ SUPPRESSED]#
  • SARIT: http://sarit.indology.info/exist/apps/sarit/works/

  • GRETIL: http://gretil.sub.uni-goettingen.de/

  • Sanskrit Library The Sanskrit Library is a digital library dedicated to facilitating education and research in Sanskrit by providing access to digitized primary texts in Sanskrit and computerized research and study tools to analyze and maximize the utility of digitized Sanskrit text. You may search Harvard's Sankrit manuscripts held in Houghton Library via the Sanskrit Library's catalog (select Harvard University as the institution).

  • Muktabodha: http://www.muktabodha.org/ The goal of the Muktabodha Digital Library is to preserve rare Sanskrit manuscripts and texts in multipledigital formats, and make them accessible for study worldwide. it emphasizes the core texts of Kashmir Shaivism and related Tantric texts. Currently they have texts from the Kaula-Trika, Saiva-Siddhanta, Virashaiva, Pancaratra, Shree Vidya, Shakta and Natha Yoga schools.

Software for searching and working with e-texts: 


Web Resources:

  • Kritisampada (National Mission for Manuscripts) - An online catalog of manuscripts available at repositories in India.