Getting Started

Studying schools as organizations is a multi-disciplinary enterprise. This means you have to bring together ideas from education and schools with ideas from organizations and management. To accomplish this you will have to draw on at least two different types of literature and resources:

1. Literature and resources on education and schools

2. Literature and resources on organizations and management

Drawing on two different types of literature and resources means you may have to go to two different kinds of news sources, databases, and journals. You will also have to search these two sets of resources in a unique way, such as including key words related to organizations and management when you search educational resources and, conversely, including key words related to public organizations, schools and education when you search organization and management resources. This library guide is designed to help make your search of these three different types of literature and resources easier!


 If you are looking for a broad overview of the kinds of ideas that are relevant to studying organizations you might try the following handbook:

Recommended Books

If you are looking for examples of work that illustrates how organization theory and the study of schools is integrated you might take a look at the following books: