Library Privileges

With the exception of the two libraries listed immediately below, Summer School students may both access and borrow from Harvard libraries and special collections, including professional school libraries.

  • Summer School students may access but not borrow from the Baker Library at the Business School*.
  • Summer School students do not have access to the Law School Library* as a study space, but can check-in at Circulation to obtain access to use a book or any part of the collection. (Degree candidate Extension School students do have access to both study spaces and borrowing privileges at Harvard Law School Library with their Harvard ID.)

*Please note that it is possible to consult, but not borrow, items on course reserve at the Baker Library by presenting a Summer School ID. The same goes for the Law School Library.

Learn more about borrowing materials.

If you have further questions, please contact the Library Privileges Office (617) 495–4166.

Access to Services and Resources with Your Harvard Key

  1. Use your HarvardKey to connect to the library's subscription databases from off-campus:
  2. Use your HarvardKey to request library materials via HOLLIS:

Get your HarvardKey

Your HarvardKey is your login credential for Harvard University resources. Your Harvard University ID number (HUID) allows you to claim a HarvardKey and uniquely identifies you within Harvard University. If you are new to Harvard, your Harvard ID number will be issued and activated generally within two business days of your course registration, beginning in mid-March.
Returning students: HarvardKey is the successor to the Harvard PIN system and is intended to provide simpler, more secure access to e-resources by enabling you to log in using a login name and password instead of an HUID and PIN. To log in to University resources this summer, you must use a HarvardKey.

Where do I find my HarvardKey?
Once your Harvard ID number is issued and activated, you can claim your HarvardKey at and use your HarvardKey to access the following Summer School resources, including online services:

    •    Most password-protected course websites
    •    Harvard computer accounts
    •    Harvard library electronic resources
    •    Harvard ID card photo submission application
    •    Online course videos
    •    Links to live web-conference courses
    •    MessageMe, the Harvard emergency text notification system

If you have trouble claiming a HarvardKey, contact Enrollment Services at (617) 495-4024 or
Remember to keep all your ID numbers, PINs, and passwords confidential.

Two-Step Verification

As part of claiming your HarvardKey, you will also set up two-step verification. Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Harvard account and will be required to access HarvardKey-protected resources and applications this summer. With two-step verification, you verify your HarvardKey logins with a device in your possession (generally a mobile phone). For more information on the steps and requirements for using two-step verification, please visit the Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) website.