Library Locations

Click below for an interactive map of Harvard libraries.

Image of the map of Harvard Yard. Click to go to searchable map.

Focus On: Lamont and Cabot Libraries

Lamont Library is your go-to library, where you will find course reserves, printing facilities, and a collection of resources you may borrow on a wide range of topics. 

Cabot Science Library is recently renovated! Cabot supports collaborative activities and new media creation in a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can feel comfortable engaging in conversation, reflection, playfulness, and discovery.

Other Libraries 
There are over 50 libraries in the Harvard Library system. The map above will link to our locations and hours page. Each library page has a map for how to find that location. For example, one library that is not mentioned above is Widener Library. Additionally, there are more Harvard Libraries in Cambridge and beyond. To learn more about how Summer School students can access Harvard Library resources and services, please visit the Borrowing and Access page of this guide.

Group Study Spaces

There are a large number of reading rooms across the Harvard Library system, but those are quiet spaces for individual study. To accommodate group study, you may use the following rooms*:


*Check the schedule sheet posted on the door to be sure they're not scheduled for a class or meeting.