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Gen Ed 1123: Islam and Politics in the Modern Middle East


Dome of the Rock, black and white photograph, c. 1960-1970. Widener Library, Judaica Division. Image via HOLLIS


Dome of the Rock, color photograph by David Harris, c. 1980-1985. Widener Library. Judaica Division. Image via HOLLIS


The Dome of the Rock Mosque in the Al Aqsa Mosque compound, photographed Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014. Sacred to both Muslims and Jews (who refer to it as the Temple Mount), the disputed site is a source of tension in Jersualem. Image via Associated Press Images Archive.




Some of the texts found here might be disturbing for readers, due to their offensive content and call for hatred and violence. Although the course does not endorse these texts, they are important for students to read and discuss, as they represent one particular facet of the way in which Islam has been used to shape political thought. The teaching staff is strongly committed to supporting students, in class and beyond, when we discuss these topics.  However, students should be aware of the potential for uncomfortable moments. ​

Arabic Language Sources by Region


Middle East and North Africa, General














Searching for Arabic Language Sources in HOLLIS: Tips

  • Make sure to use the transliteration ("Romanization") tables provided by the Library of Congress.
  • Romanized title searches in HOLLIS require you to drop the initial definite article "al-" when you enter a search. Keyword searches are not affected by the presence of the initial "al-."
  • Although we recommend that you use Romanization in our catalog, HOLLIS handles Arabic script well.
  • If you need to search for sources using Arabic script, be aware that while the majority of HOLLIS records have Arabic script, not all of them do.


Constitutions in Arabic

World Constitutions, Illustrated

Multi-lingual resource that brings together historical and contemporary documents, provides English translations of every constitution, and links to scholarly commentary. 

Constitute Arabic

Presents constitutions for fifty-four independent states, a sample that represents every region in the world. Texts are continually updated as language is replaced or amended. From this site, users can select and then systematically compare countries, passages, and topics. An English language version of worid constitutions is also available.


Intelligence and Research Centers: Collections


The Harmony Program [Combating Terrorism Center, West Point]

The CTC launched the Harmony Program in 2005 in order to release and analyze documents from the Department of Defense’s Harmony database. The focus of this program is to contextualize the inner-functioning of al-Qa’ida, its associated movements, and other security threats through primary source documents, in their original language. Harmony products released by the CTC are always accompanied by an analytical report and the primary source material from which its conclusions are based. By releasing this material, the CTC aims to make these sources, which are captured in the course of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and other theaters, available to other scholars for further study.

ISIL, Syria, and Iraq Resoures [Combating Terrorism Center, West Point

The CTC's gateway to primary sources (including declassified documents in Arabic), research, and analysis of the Islamic State and its affiliated organzations.


Islamist Websites


Ḥizb al-Ḥurrīyah wa-al-ʻAdālah

Arabic Wiki page archiving the Freedom and Justice Party [captures important information about foundational history, platform, ideology, and original members]

​Jamāʻat al-Ikhwān al-Muslimīn 


izb al-Taḥrīr 

Ḥizb Jabhat al-ʻAmal al-Siyāsī [Islamic Action Front Party in Jordan; the political wind of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan and currently, the largest oppositio party in the country.]

Facebook page for the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan

Arabic Wiki page on the history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan




Ḥizb al-ʻAdālah wa-al-Tanmiyah 

Ḥizb al-Nahḍah wa-al-Faḍīlah

Jamāʻat al-ʻAdl wa-al-Iḥsān  

Siraj: Electronic Encyclopedia of Imam Abdessalah Yassine [contains a list of the Leader's important publications in e-book format and the organization's periodical, al-Jamāʻah] [links to the Leader's archives] The Leader's Foundation [includes links to primary sources in Arabic]







A clearinghouse for jihadi primary sources, translations, and original analysis, maintained by Aaron Y. Zellin.