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Gen Ed 1123: Islam and Politics in the Modern Middle East


Some of the texts found here might be disturbing for readers, due to their offensive content and call for hatred and violence. Although the course does not endorse these texts, they are important for students to read and discuss, as they represent one particular facet of the way in which Islam has been used to shape political thought. The teaching staff is strongly committed to supporting students, in class and beyond, when we discuss these topics.  However, students should be aware of the potential for uncomfortable moments. ​

Primary Sources in French, by Region








World Constitutions, Illustrated


Multi-lingual resource that brings together historical and contemporary documents, along with other resources and scholarly commentary.

Islamist Websites

Ḥizb al-ʻAdālah wa-al-Tanmiyah 

Siraj: Electronic Encyclopedia of Imam Abdessalam Yassine [includes a list of the Leader's important publications in e-book format and the organization's periodicalal-Jamāʻah].