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Criminal Law Basics

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Download recordings of cases commonly read in first and second year courses.



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Test your knowledge!

CALI provides access to an extensive collection of interactive, computer-based lessons designed to augment traditional law school instruction. Use the lessons to supplement your studies and to review specific concepts.


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Wex is a free legal dictionary and encyclopedia sponsored and hosted by the Legal Information Institute at the Cornell Law School. Wex entries contain a definition, subject overview and useful links. All entries are collaboratively created and professionally reviewed

Criminal Law: Summaries and Explanations

Get started with these books aimed at law school students.

Criminal Law in Depth

Go deeper with these leading works on contracts or search the HOLLIS catalog for more sources.

Just for fun...

Nathaniel Burney's lady justice from The Illustrated Guide to Law

If you'd rather be reading comic books instead of casebooks, why not combine your interests? The Illustrated Guide to Law

Criminal defense attorney Nathaniel Burney created  The Illustrated Guide to Law to explain legal topics in comic book form. 

The Illustrated Guide to Criminal Law is also available in print for those of us who prefer to read on the beach.

Criminal Law News

Headlines from the CrimProf Blog