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Islamic Family Law

A guide to Islamic Family Law and Family Law in the Middle East. It was created by Stephen Wiles and is now updated by a team of foreign, comparative and international law librarians.

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On these pages are the sources I most often recommend for researching and learning about Islamic Law.  If you don't see what you need, contact me using the information to the right!  I'm available for quick questions or for private research consultation by appointment.

General Introductions to Islamic Law

      • Basic Introductory Texts:

      • Joseph Schacht,  Introduction to Islamic Law.  Law School:  Islamic Ref KBP144 .S34x 1964  &  MOSLEM 903 SCH.
      • Noel J. Coulson.  A history of Islamic lawLaw School:  MOSLEM 905 COU57 1997
      • Knut Vikør.  Between God and the sultan : a history of Islamic lawLaw School:  Islamic Ref KBP50 .V55x 2005
      • Mūʾil Yūsuf ʻIzz al-Dīn.  Islamic law : from historical foundations to contemporary practiceLaw School:   Islamic Ref KBP144 .D54 2004
      • Judith E. Tucker. Women, family, and gender in Islamic law: KBP526.3.T83 2008

      Recent Articles:


      • Chibli Mallat.  "From Islamic to Middle Eastern law: a restatement of the field." American Journal of Comparative Law 51.4 (Fall 2003): 699-750 (Part I)  and  American Journal of Comparative Law 52.1 (Wntr 2004): 209-286. (Part II).
      • Amira El-Azhary Sonbol.  Shari'ah and state formation: historical perspective.Chicago Journal of International Law 8.1 (Summer 2007): 59-83.
      • Hisham M.  Ramadan, . "Toward honest and principled Islamic law scholarship.(The Future of Islamic Scholarship)." Michigan State Law Review 2006.6 (Dec 31, 2006): 1573-1607

      Basic Treatises on Islamic Family Law

      Islamic family law in a changing world : a global resource book. (Abdullahi A. An-Na’im, ed.)    Islamic Ref MOSLEM 913 ISL36 2002 [Copies 1-2]

      Tahir Mahmood. Statutes of personal law in Islamic countries: history, texts and analysis. Islamic Ref  MOSLEM 913 MAH66 1995

      Dawoud El Alami & Doreen Hinchcliffe. Islamic marriage and divorce laws of the Arab world. Islamic Ref  KMC160 .E4 1996

      David  Pearl. Muslim family law. Islamic Ref MOSLEM 913 PEA75 1998

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