Getting Started

The Web of Science (WoS) is one database in the Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge (WoK). Access it through a Library website such as or the MCB Library page or Harvard E-Resources.

Below is a PowerPoint on how to get started using the Web of Knowledge, followed by a list of the databases it contains.

Web of Knowledge Databases

When you open the Web of Knowledge, note the bar above the search page; next to the orange Search arrow you can choose which of several databases you want to search. You can choose All Databases (recommended to start) or Select any one database such as the Web of Science.

There are other databases in the Thomson group besides the Web of Science. Each covers specific subject areas, and that the coverage varies. For instance, the Web of Science goes back to 1899 but Zoological Record covers relevant literature from as far back as 1864. Remember that if you search All Databases, the information on each entry will not be as complete as it will be in specific databases. Your topic will help guide you in making your choice, but it is usually a good idea to start by searching everything.

The WoK databases include the ones listed below.