Citation Tools at Harvard

Need help managing your references? Would you like to collect them and keep them where you can access them when you need them? Would you like to include references in a paper and build a bibliography? Harvard's Research Management and Citation Tools guide can help. You can also contact a reference librarian.

Saving Citations From the Web of Knowledge databases

While you are working in the Web of Knowledge databases, you can collect citations in your Marked List. Click on the boxes next to the items you want, then click the Marked List box at the top.  You can print or email the records in your Marked List, or export them to a citation manager.  More options are available if you create a Web of Science account. Examples of citation managers are EndNote, Zotero and others (See Reference Management and Citation Tools at Harvard for more information on these tools.)

On the Marked List screen, select the number of records (the default is all), the fields (consider adding the abstract), and the destination: print, email or use the pulldown menu for export format.  The Save and Open/Manage buttons work if you have a (free) Web of Science account.

Notes on the different reference management systems:

  • Zotero is an open-access tool, freely available to download and relatively quick to learn.  Zotero classes are offered by the Citation Tools Working Group.
  • EndNote is the most complex citation manager recommended, with many advanced features, and takes longer to learn.  Harvard FAS users can download Endnote at no charge, and other Harvard users qualify for discounts.
  • F1000Workspace is the citation management side of F1000. It is completely web-based, and primarily used in the life sciences community.  Other tools offered by Harvard are Overleaf and