Subject Headings to Browse in HOLLIS

In HOLLIS, use the "Starts With / Browse" search. Choose "Browse by Subject" and type one of the headings below or another subject heading from a HOLLIS record. (Leave out the dashes and other punctuation.)

If you're looking for a good subject heading for a particular topic, search HOLLIS by keywords instead, and look at the headings that appear in individual records in your search results.

Search Tip for Complex Subjects: In the HOLLIS Advanced Search, combine two or more subjects on separate lines: e.g., Sports and Socialism.

  • Germany -- History -- Unification, 1990
  • Muslim women -- Germany
  • Anti-semitism -- Hungary
  • Ukraine Conflict, 2014
  • Financial crises -- Europe
  • Laicism -- France
  • Immigrants -- Interviews (paired with 'Europe')
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • Kiefer, Anselm (example of a contemporary European artist)
  • Protest movements -- Poland
  • Romania -- History -- 1989-
  • World Cup (Soccer) (2006)