Fulfillment of Requests

Copy requests are a multi-step process involving permissions, retrieval, coordination with Harvard Library Imaging Services, and payment.  Please plan for a 4-6 week turnaround time. 


While in the Special Collections Reading Room to view reading room requests, researchers are welcome to use our on-site scanner and to take reference images of most items in the collections using a small camera, tablet, or cell phone. 

Submit Copy Requests

Copy requests are to be made through HOLLIS Special Request. 
All HOLLIS Special Request requests for copies, inclusive of physical copies, digital scans, and high-resolution file retrieval, of items in the collection will be reviewed by an archivist. Depending on the physical condition of the item, copyright restrictions, and any donor restrictions we may not be able to approve a request for a copy.  If approved, these requests will be fulfilled by Harvard Library Imaging Services. See pricelist.

  • For items located in Frances Loeb Library Finding Aids 
    Identify the archival collection and containers of the items you would like to submit for a copy request in HOLLIS for Archival Discovery.  Select items by clicking the “Add to Request List” button. Users will be directed to HOLLIS Special Request to submit a copy request. 

  • For items in HOLLIS 
    In the HOLLIS, use the embedded “Request to Copy or Visit” to generate your copy request in HOLLIS Special Request.  

Additional Resources:
HOLLIS Special Request Guide 

Service Note

The Frances Loeb Library staff is unable to create quick copies or scans of items from the collections on behalf of researchers. All requests for copies or scans of varied quality must go through HOLLIS Special Request. 

Copyright & Permission to Publish

Requests for reproductions, or copies, for publication, exhibition, or distribution can only be completed for items which the library is the copyright holder or that are part of the public domain. The only exception is if the requester has already obtained permission from the original copyright holder(s). It is the researcher’s responsibility to secure permissions before requesting or publishing any copies of items from the collections.  

Additional Resources: 
Harvard Guide to Copyright and Fair Use