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Scholars in Medicine: Resources and Tools

This guide lists resources and services available to students participating in the HMS SIM program through the Countway Library and other organizations.

The Countway Library provides a number of services that can help you with your Scholars in Medicine project.

  • Research Assistance
    Contact a Countway librarian for help in searching the primary literature in support of a literature review. We can assist with developing the search strategy as well as identifying additional literature sources. Ask us.
  • Research Management Tools
    Make sure you don't start working on your project without using a tool to manage your references and citations. We can help you choose and use.
  • Data Management Support
    Need to come up with a plan to store, archive and distribute data. The Harvard Libraries can provide help with data management plans and storage.
  • Help with OpenAccess Requirements and Copyright
    Dealing with the NIH OpenAccess requirements? Trying to decide if you want to publish in a OA journals (yes, you should)? The Countway can help with your submission.
  • Bioinformatics Support
    The Countway has staff that can help you find and use biological data. See the C3 Bioinformatics collaborative for assistance with high-throughput analysis and visualization.
  • Historical Resources
    Inform your research with a historical perspective. The Center for the History of Medicine is one of the largest collections of medical books and artifacts in the world, with an able staff to assist you in getting to the sources you need.
  • Countway Classes
    Countway offers regular instruction on resource discover, research management and bioinformatics. Specific topics include searching with PubMed, using EndNote, and the use of R's Bioconductor suite of bioinformatics tools.
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