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Expo-E25: The Art of the Con: HOLLIS


HOLLIS has two main parts. There’s the traditional Library Catalog of Harvard's books, journals, films, sound recordings, maps, and so on. Then there’s a huge additional database of articles, reviews, etc. which come from various sources outside Harvard. Many of these are available online through Harvard's subscriptions.

You can search the Library Catalog separately, or  -- especially if you want to see articles -- search for "Catalog and Articles" at once. These choices appear as soon as you start to type a search.

Tips for Using HOLLIS More Effectively

  • Sign in -- to get more search results, to place Requests, to save records in My Favorites, to see your search history, and to view or renew your checked-out items.
  • Use "Starts with/Browse" for more precise searching by subject, author, call number, etc. (see the screenshot below)
  • Use the Advanced Search to refine your search in advance by language, date, type of resource, etc.
  • Look at the HOLLIS User Guide for more helpful tips on finding what you need.

Subject Headings

The Library of Congress's subject heading system uses several terms for the art of the con:
swindlers and swindling  •  impostors and imposture  •  fraud   •   deception  •  hoaxes  •  quacks and quackery
In HOLLIS, you can use any of these headings in a Starts With / Browse search to look for books on the topic. See the example below.

HOLLIS Search Facets

Search limits such as these appear on the right-hand side of the HOLLIS screen when you do a search. Most databases provide similar ways to refine a search.