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The Center for Research Libraries in Chicago is an important repository of South Asian and other material. A considerable amount is available online. Search the CRL catalog using the Advanced search which has a Language field. Much is only in print or microfilm for which you fill out an Interlibrary Loan form as usual. You can limit to online material by adjusting Reproduction Type to Online.

For digital items, when you hit the link in the Available Online box (for example), you may find that the digital material is open access and you can look at it. For LLMC material go through HOLLIS Databases. Sometimes you get a “Member Restricted Resource” page. Harvard is a member, but for technical reasons we cannot use the Shibboleth Login that is offered. So what you do is to take the url, say and change it to

That is you put after the https://dds-crl-edu

If you don’t want to do this manually, there is an app (called the Bookmark) you can insert on your browser bookmarks bar. It’s labelled Check Harvard Library, and it automatically inserts that url fragment when you hit the bookmark. General instructions. Installation is slightly different in different browsers. We can help if you have any trouble.

Sometimes when you hit the link in the Available Online box you are taken to the login page of a different database, for example LLMC (example). Here you go to LLMC in HOLLIS Databases and log in with Harvard Key in the ordinary way

The records in the CRL Catalog can be searched in HOLLIS Everything, NOT HOLLIS Library Catalog, but there is no option for online access.

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Internet Archive

In Advanced search you can search say Description: "South Asia", and at the top left of the results page choose Media type: Collection.  When on a Collection page, you can search within by metadata or full text

ALA-LC Romanization Tables

For language limitation:

Then Search this Collection

Results from this method overlap those obtained from:

(language:tel OR language:"Telugu")

To which you can add a subject: (language:tel OR language:"Telugu") AND subject:"Ayurveda"

In Advanced Search: Description: Pakistan. On results (32,652) open More under Media Type, choose Collections (53)

Internet Archive includes: