Sources for the Scholarly Conversation

Searching in the Everything mode will bring up articles, both academic and non-scholarly. If you wish, you can limit your search results to peer-reviewed articles, and refine them further by language, publication date, subject, etc.

When you search, combine keywords that represent your primary source and an idea associated with the shock or controversy that it aroused. Some examples are:

  • Walker AND Subtlety AND racism
  • Howl AND obscen*
  • "Chien Andalou" AND reception
  • Mapplethorpe AND pornograph*


Online texts in art history: A&AePortal

Journal Articles on the Visual Arts: Art Full Text
(Other databases of art criticism:  ARTBibliographies Modern; International Bibliography of Art; Bibliography of the History of Art, 1975-2007)

Journal Articles on Film: Film and Television Literature Index
(Other databases for film criticism: FIAF Index to Film Periodicals; Performing Arts Periodicals Database)

Journal Articles on Literature: MLA Bibliography
(Other databases for literary criticism: Literature Online; JSTOR)