Crew was among the earliest organized sports at Harvard, with the first boat club formed by members of the Class of 1846. Crew also gave Harvard its color—crimson—when it was used by the rowers competing in the Boston City Regatta on June 19, 1858. The color would be formally adopted by the Corporation in 1910.

Archival Collections: Crew

Records of the Undine Boat Club, 1849-1850. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3858.502].

Records of the Daphne Boat Club, 1859-1861. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3317.7505].

Records of the Enid Boat Club, 1861. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3366.7780].

General information by and about the Æenone Boat Club, 1864. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3122].

Records of the Harvard Boat Club, 1866-1889. (3 containers). [Call number: HUD 8866.10, HUD 8882.10 & HUD 8894.2.3].

Rowing at Harvard in the 1850s, 1921. (1 folder). In: Records of the President of Harvard University, Charles W. Eliot, 1869-1930. [Call number: UAI 5.150 Box 232, Folder 743].

Records of the Harvard Rowing Club, 1890-1892. (3 containers). [Call number: HUD 3752.5000, HUD 3752.5190 & HUD 3752.5192].

An account of the '89 freshmen crew of Harvard college. A complete diary of events from its organization in October, 1885, to the victory at New London, July 1, 1886. (1 vol.) [Call number: HUD 8887.2].

Records of the Weld Boat Club, 1894-1903. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3875.2000].

Records of the Newell Boat Club of Harvard University, 1901-1902. [Call number: HUD 3606.1000]. 

Scrapbooks of Harvard crew newspaper clippings, 1923-1924. (2 v.). [Call number: HUD 8923.72].

General information by and about Harvard Rowing, circa 1950-1967. (2 record cartons). [Call number: Accession 11251].

Harvard Rowing News, 1956-1964. [Call number: HUD 3409.6257].

General information by and about the Friends of Harvard Rowing, ca. 1956-1973. (1 folder). [Call number: HUD 3409.6000].

Blade on the feather : a periodic publication for the Friends of Harvard and Radcliffe Rowing, 1985. (1 folder). [Call number:  HUD 3409.6285].

Row for Radcliffe [flyer], September 2014. (1 item). [Call number: HUY 170].

Personal Archives with Crew Related Materials

Oxford-Harvard Boat Race, August 27, 1869. (6 pages). [HUD 8869.77].

  • Notes: Handwritten account of the Oxford-Harvard Boat Race held on the River Thames on August 27, 1869


Photograph album belonging to Franklin Remington, 1881-1888. (1 flat box). [Call number: HUM 212].

  • Notes: Includes photographs of "individual members of Harvard Crew teams, as well as races in progress"


Joseph Clark Grew personal archive, 1899-1902, 1944. (1 photograph album, 1 published book). [Call number: HUM 197].

  • Notes: Includes photographs related to Harvard baseball, crew, football and relay teams.


Photo album compiled by Francis Lee Higginson, circa 1900. (1 volume). [Call number: HUD 8400.38.1].

  • Notes: Includes photographs of the "Harvard crew in training."


Photographs taken by Julian Burroughs, A.B. 1901, ca. 1900-1901. (27 black and white photographs). [Call number: HUD 301.05 P].

  • Notes: Includes "Crew (12 photographs: Pat coaching; 1901 Weld crew in tank; Emory Shubrick; Oarsmen at play; Capt. Bullard, 1901; 2d Weld crew, May 2 '00; 1901 varsity crew, Bullard at #8; "swing her out"; 2d varsity 1900; varsity finish 1900; 1st Weld crew May 2 1900)."


Crew Artifacts

Orion Boat Club badge, circa 1854-1857. (1 item). [Call number: HUD 3656.5000].

Records relating to the adoption of crimson as the official Harvard University color, 1858, 1910, 1950. (2 pamphlet binders, 1 flat box). [Call number: UAI 20.910].

  • Notes: Includes a silk crimson-colored handkerchief, believed to be one of the original handkerchiefs worn by a member of the Harvard crew team in 1858 and a 1910 reproduction of the handkerchief.


Harvard crew memorabilia, ca. 1910. (4 objects). [Call number: HUD 8910.2 (Cap, mug, photograph) and HUD 8910.3 (oar)].

Harvard Boat Club jacket and jersey, 1919. (2 items). [Call number: HUD 8919.42].

Harvard University junior varsity crew hat, 1942. (1 object). [Call number: HUD 8942.2].

Crimson handkerchief belonging to Stephen Hathaway Forbes, 1951. (1 object). [Call number: HUM 276].