How to Get Started

If you are thinking of incorporating OER's into your teaching and/or classroom, congratulations! The process will be different for everyone, but it is important to start small and have patience. The following are some suggestions for getting started: 

Coming up with a strategy: Ask yourself, who is the main audience for this OER? What is the overall goal of using this OER? Coming up with a strategy of planning, building, and implementing an OER will be vital to its success. 

Open Textbooks: One way to incorporate an OER into your classroom is to assign an open textbook that students can access, keep, and modify. If you're looking more into this, visit the the Open Textbook Library or BC Campus

If implementing OER in your classroom is interesting to you, please visit the Creative Commons page on how educators can find and use OER in the classroom. 

For more in-depth assistance, please contact the Open Education Research Librarian, Quetzalli Barrientos. Together, we can create a plan for your classroom.