You are an archivist at the Harvard University Archives. Your job is to catalog a new collection in HOLLIS (or an old collection that was never cataloged) so that researchers can discover it and use it. Examine the collection carefully and describe it using this worksheet as a prompt.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Focus on the informational content of the collection. How might it be of interest to researchers?
  • What is the collection’s relationship to Harvard?
  • What is the collection’s significance beyond Harvard? What is its broader social/historical context?
  • Think about the terms and natural language that researchers might use to search for this collection.



What is this material? What was its original purpose? What does it document?




Who wrote these texts? Who might have created the collection?








Descriptive title?



Keywords / tags

What descriptive terms will help researchers find this in HOLLIS and on the Web?



Other notes

Condition of the collection? Distinctive formats? Any information that doesn’t fit elsewhere?