Zotero 6 is available as an iOS app for both iPads and iPhones, which can be downloaded and installed from the Apple App Store. The instructions on this page are for this app. There is currently no Android app for Zotero. 

Before using Zotero on a mobile device, you should download Zotero on your laptop or desktop and create an online account. After familiarizing yourself with Zotero, try these mobile solutions.

Zotero on iPad and iPhone

You can either sign up for a Zotero account or sign in to your existing Zotero account on your iPad/iPhone. If you already have an online account set up, your library should sync to the iPad/iPhone upon your login. 

The iPad/iPhone version of Zotero is best used to access items in your Zotero library and to read and annotate PDFs. However, you can also save items to your Zotero library via the Share button in the Safari browser. To save items into your Zotero library:

  1. From the page where you want to save the item, click on the Share button in the Safari browser. the share button in the Safari browser is located to the right of the URL bar
  2. From the list of apps, select Zotero. If Zotero does not immediately show up, you may want to save it to your Favorites to bring it forward. 
  3. Once you select Zotero, a small window will appear so that you can choose which collection you'd like to save the item to in your Zotero library. 
  4. Once you have selected the proper collection, click Save to Zotero. 

saving to Zotero on the iPad

Try a Mobile App

While there is no single app which provides all of the functions of Zotero on mobile devices, see the Zotero for Mobile site for the latest applications that provide access to your library of research and more.(Please note that Harvard Library does not endorse any one app.)