Two Quick Ways of Tracking Them Down

In HOLLISscreen shot of HOLLIS search for reviews of Taiwo's Reconsidering Reparations (2022)

Here's how you'd locate published reviews of O.Olùfemi Táíwò's Reconsidering Reparations (2022.  Note the filter "Reviews" (which you find under the right side "Resource Type" filters.


In Web of Science

Citing reference searching is one of the key features of this database, which -- despite its name -- is rich in social science and even humanities information. That makes it a great way to pull up academic book reviews.

Here's how to use WofS for book review in 3  easy steps:

1. Enter information.  Note the asterisk * used to indicate first names (this picks up variant citations). Also note the * after the main title (same reason: accepts variant ways that people have cited the book title).

screenshot of cited reference screen in Web of Science with use of special character, the asterisk, to pick up variants


2. Select all the likely candidates.

screenshot of various citations of the book with check boxes for selection purposes




3. Limit, via left side filters, to book review (under Document Types)