Photos, Xrays, Scans

AARS Goldminer - radiological images published in selected peer-reviewed journals. You can search by findings, anatomy, imaging technique, and patient age and sex.

Access Surgery This new subscription includes videos, animations, and an atlas.

ClinicalKey - The multimedia tab includes 20,000+ images you can use in your studies and presentations. There are also 16,000+ videos.

eMedicine Click on Multimedia link. Potluck. If you are looking for images related to one of the cases presented, you are in luck. Can not be searched- must be browsed.

Fitzpatrick's Atlas of Dermatology

Gray's Anatomy

Hardin MD Picture Gallery Provides some pictures as well as a directory to images and videos at other sites

Images-Access Medicine

MD Consult Images Click on the button labeled "images" to view illustrations from the textbooks included in this collection.

MedPix radiological image database. Peer-reviewed teaching files, image atlas, decision support tools

Partners Infectious Disease Images

Primal Pictures  eCommons login by HMS/HSDM faculty and students required.

Visible Human Project

ECG Wave Maven


Over 70,000 medical images from more than 100 collections and 2,000 contributors. By filling out a simple registration form, you can also start your own image library, create PowerPoint® presentations of images in your library, and order customized CD-ROMs of your favorite slides.

Springer Images

Imaging for Surgeons

Surgery Videos

 Northwestern University Surgery Video Collection -
Web casts in Colorectal surgery -- Endocrine surgery -- General surgery -- Surgical oncology

Videos of Surgical Procedures

MedlinePlus Videos A collection of 100 plus videos and webscasts of surgical procedures from MedlinePlus and the National Library of Medicine. Each title lasts about an hour.

Surgical Laparoscopic Videos

Laparoscopy Hospital, New Delhi, India


Video Gallery provides unbiased, peer-reviewed information about laparoscopic surgery and other minimally invasive techniques.


Videos from the Access Surgery collection. Some of these are animations but most are videos. They range from less than 10 minutes in length to more than an hour.

WebSurg more than 900 surgery videos

Look for more surgery videos under the tabs for various specialties in this guide


Videos from HMS Teaching Hospitals