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Access Surgery Board Review

Clerkship Corner from Access Surgery

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Case Files Surgery

Surgery Pretest, Self-Assessment and Review

Lange Q&A: Surgery

Surgery Review

Follow Up of Abnormal Clinical and Imaging Findings of the Breast: Five Self-Study Modules for Primary Care Clinicians (registration required)
Interactive CE modules on Breast Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Health History and Clinical Breast Examination, Workup of Abnormal Clinical Findings, Follow-up of Abnormal Clinical Findings - Biopsy Methods, and Risk Management.

Virtual Patient

Virtual Patient

A series of online, interactive cases created by HMS faculty. They can serve as a study guide or self-test since feedback is provided. Navigate from eCommons - Education- Reference

There are 16 general surgery cases using the VP format, which students are required to complete during the 12-week clerkship.  These cases have been authored and edited by members of our faculty, and students find them to be very helpful in learning medical content and clinical reasoning:

  • 22yo Male with Abdominal Pain (Appendicitis)
  • 19yo Male with Arm Laceration (Traumatic Laceration)
  • 25yo Male with Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
  • 25yo Male with Stab Wound to Abdomen (Penetrating Abdominal Trauma)
  • 38yo Female with a Breast Lump (Breast Disease)
  • 38yo Female with a Thyroid Nodule (Thyroid Nodule)
  • 42yo Female with Epigastric Pain and Bloating (Gallstones and Biliary Disease)
  • 55yo Female with Constipation (Colon Cancer)
  • 55yo Female with LLQ Pain (Diverticular Disease)
  • 57yo Female with vomiting (SBO, Fluid Management)
  • 60yo Male with a Bulge in his Groin (Groin Hernia)
  • 60yo Male with Abdominal Pain (Small Bowel Obstruction)
  • 60yo Male with Painless Jaundice (Pancreatic Cancer)
  • 65yo Male with Bright Red Blood per Rectum (Lower GI Bleed)
  • 65yo Male with Rectal Bleeding (Rectal Cancer)
  • 67yo Female with Hypercalcemia (Hyperparathyroidism)


Orthopedic Resources:

Physical Examination of the Musculoskeletal System Video Series.  The following nine programs have been converted to video clips and are available for viewing on MyCourses:

  • Introduction
  • Cervical Spine and Introduction
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Gait
  • Hand and Wrist 
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Shoulder and Elbow
  • Lumbar Spine and Neurological Examination of the Lower Extremities

Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Tutorials

Studying for Exams with AccessSurgery

Access Surgery

  • Case Files Surgery
  • Resident Readiness@Surgery
  • Q&A for Clerks
  • Quick Tests
  • Board Review for Residents
  • PreTest Surgery
  • Lange Q&A Surgery
  • Exploring Essential Surgery
  • Exploring Essential Radiology

To access these study books and tools you need to connect through the Harvard link AND you need to create a personal account. The publisher states that they require this so they can track the material you have studied and avoid repitition. Please inform a Countway librarian if you feel your personal account is abused by McGraw Hill.

Exam Master


Medical Board Certification

  • Family Medicine Certification Review – access 4,900 questions
  • General Pediatrics Certification Review – access 1,000 questions
  • General Surgery Certification Review – access 1,100 questions
  • Internal Medicine Certification Review  – access 2,900 question
  • SPEX (Special Purpose Examination) – access 6,250 questions

Surgical Specialty Board Review

Study Aids for the Shelf Exam

Access Surgery's Clerkship Corner has several resources specifically for clerkship students

  • Textbook recommendations for medical students
  • Cases to prepare you for surgical situations you are likely to handle
  • Q&A created for clerks
  • Content organized by Organ Systems and Core Topics, helping you prep for the USMLE Step 2 or your shelf exams
  • Search results that give you clerk-recommended resources
  • You can view most of the material in Access Surgery on your mobile device. It has an easy to navigate mobile interface.The study materials listed below are the exception. If you find other exceptions, please let me know.(jsw)

Note- to see the Q&A section of the Case Files and other study materials you will need to set up a personal account.

Board Review Books

These books are available at the Countway Library. Please note that some are on reserve behind the circulation desk.

General Surgery Board Review
Countway Medicine WO 18.2 G326 2012

First aid for the ABSITE / Jennifer LaFemina, Robert Todd Lancaster.
Countway Medicine | WO 18.2 L162f 2009

Surgery / editors, Bruce E. Jarrell, R. Anthony Carabasi, III ;
question editor, Eugene Kennedy. 5th ed.
Countway Medicine | WO 18.2 S9601 2008

Blueprints surgery / Seth J. Karp, James P.G. Morris ;
questions and answers provided by Stanley Zaslau. 4th ed.
Countway Medicine | Reserve | WO 18.2 K18b 2007

Rush University Medical Center review of surgery / [edited by] Steven D. Bines
Countway Medicine | Reserve | WO 18.2 R953 2007

Schwartz's principles of surgery : self-assessment and board review
Countway Medicine | WO 18.2 S399 2007

Review of surgery : basic science and clinical topics for ABSITE
Countway Medicine | Reserve | WO 18.2 R5144 2006

Blueprints Q&A step 2. Surgery / [edited by] Edward W. Nelson.
Countway Medicine | Reserve | WO 18.2 B658 2005

Blueprints Q&A step 3. Surgery
Countway Medicine | Reserve | WO 18.2 B6582 2005

Surgical attending rounds / [edited by] Cornelius Mckown Dyke, Eric J. DeMaria. 3rd ed. Philadelphia
Countway Medicine | WO 18.2 S9617 2005

Surgery review illustrated

Surgery Board Review