The Basics: tubes, drains, avoiding errors, etc.

OR Operations

Basic Surgical Techniques
Countway Medicine| WO 500.3 K59b 2002
Chapters range from "Handling Yourself" to "Handlling threads, ducts and cavities, bleeding, drains and infections.

OR Etiquette and Culture

Operating Room Etiquette
What  to wear, how to fix your hair, things you shouldn't touch
Univeristy of Pennsylvania

The Scalpel's Edge: the culture of surgeons.
Pearl Katz
Countway WO21 K155s
An insightful and analytical look at the culture of surgeons written by a medical anthropologist. Topics include: the heroic postuer of surgeons, surgeon decision making, operating room rituals, communication with patients and colleagues, and more...

Casting and Splinting

Cast Application  
Queen's University
Technical Skills Program

Casting & Splinting  
University of Ottawa

Splnts:applying splints in general,Posterior Splint and Sugar Tongue Splint
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University of Iowa Medical School Department of Emergency Medicine
Watch videos 70, 71 and 73
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Wound Care

Basic Laceration Repair

video from New England Journal of Medicine

Dynamic Wound Closure

Videos on Wound Closure, Splinting, Suturing, Eye Exam, and more
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Video Instruction Procedures from the Emergency Medicine Residency program at UCSF

Scrubbing In

Day of Surgery Overview - a series of videos for Surgery Clerkship students from Tulane University Medical School

Day of Surgery Overview

Gowning and Gloving Technique

Knot Tying Procedure
Scrubbing 101
Self- Gowning Technique
Suturing and Knot Tying Techniques
Suturing Technique

Free short videos from the educational division of Brookside Associates

Scrubbing In Procedures

Closed Cuff Gloving
Eye Protection
Gown Adjustment
Hand Drying
Removing Gown
Shoe Covers
Solo Surgical Gowning
Surgical Cap
Surgical Mask
Surgical Scrub
Two-Person Gowning

Procedural Skills

Abscess Incision and Drainage

Video from New England Journal of Medicine

Basic Splinting Techniques

Video New England Journal of Medicine

Knot Tying - One-handed

Access Surgery

Knot Tying - Two-handed

Access Surgery


Extraocular Movement Simulator
University of California, Davis
This interactive simulator allows disabling of eye muscles and cranial nerves to see changes in eye motion with various pathologies.

Interactive patient simulation in which you are in charge of caring for a post-op cancer patient administering, adjusting and monitoring his medication.