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Surgical Milestones  1875-1950
Compiled by Lucretia McClure 

The rapid advances in today’s surgical practice may dim the importance of the astounding changes that occurred during the last years of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th. The following articles pinpoint many of the milestones from that time period.  Included are familiar names such as John P. Merrill, Joseph E. Murray and Francis D. Moore of Harvard, Rudolph Matas of Tulane, Alexis Carrel of France, and the renowned surgeon from Johns Hopkins, William S. Halsted.

Sugical Milestones

The times an article has been cited is noted when available.  Citation indexing became available with the publication of Science Citation Index in 1964.  A number of these articles are too early to be included in the SCI database that goes back to 1900 and some of the journals are not indexed in SCI.

All of these articles are available (in print) at the Countway Library!

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