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ABIA South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology index (1996- ) indexes publications on pre- and proto-historical archaeology, historical archaeology, ancient and modern art history, material culture, epigraphy, paleography, numismatics and sigillography of South and Southeast Asia and of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Tibet, the 'Silk Road', South China and the Pacific.

Annual bibliography of Indian archaeology, 1926-1972.
LOCATION: Fine Arts: 493 L68 (1926)
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: Harvard Depository (W) DS423.Z99 A5x (1933-35, 1938-66)
LOCATION: Rubel (Fine Arts): A6500 K (?)
LOCATION: Sanskrit Library: Ta 0090 (1926-66)
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF DS423.Z99 A5 (1926-72)
LOCATION: Widener: Arc 432.07 F (1926-72)

Asian social science bibliography with annotations and abstracts (1952-1969). Title varies.
Widener | Soc 505.55
--Largely South Asia, but also including Afghanistan, Iran, Southeast Asia and South Korea, but excluding China and Japan. 

Asien-Bibliographie, 1949-1986.
Harvard-Yenching | (W) | DS5.Z99 A85x At the Harvard Depository
Widener | Asia 28.7 F Recent volumes (no.35+) in stacks. Earlier volumes (no.1-34) in Harvard Depository

Bibliographia asiatica, 1953-77.
Widener | Asia 28.65

JSTOR allows simultaneous or individual searching, full-text searching optional, of several Asian studies journals from their inceptions to about 5 years ago. JSTOR provides a list of included Asian studies journals.

South Asia social science abstracts, 1952-1958.
Widener | Soc 505.65 (Lacks 1953)


Guide to Indian periodical literature, 1964- .
LOCATION: Widener: B 425.70 Harvard Depository. Current Issues: Periodicals Reading Room Stacks

Index India (1967- ) indexes Indian language periodical literature.
LOCATION: Widener: Ind 300.80 (1967-93)
LOCATION: Widener: Ind 300.80.2 Index Pt.1: Author index. Pt.2: Subject index. Library has: 3 v. 1967-1976

Index Indiana, 1977- .
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC AI19.I5 I52x (1977-88)

Index to Indian periodicals: sociology and psychology, 1886-1970, ed. by Nirmal Ruprail, K.G. Tyagi. New Delhi: National Social Science Documentation Centre, Indian Council of Social Science Research, 1987, 905, 533 p.
Widener | WID-LC | HM1.Z99 I53 1987x

Indian education index, 1947-1978, ed. by K.G. Tyagi. New Delhi: Acharan Prakashan, 1980, 711, 396 p.
Gutman Education | LA1151 .I57 1980

Indian press index, 1968- .
CRL (Ctr for Research Libs) Holdings: 1968-1986 | [To obtain CRL items, submit an Interlibrary Loan request via your home library]

Monthly list of selected articles. (India. Parliament. Lok Sabha)
Documents (Lamont) Ind Doc 102.30 9 (v.3-6, no.11 (1954-Dec.1957) incomplete)

Continued by:
Abstracts and index of articles.
Documents (Lamont) Ind Doc 102.20 (v.1-5 (1958-1962))

Continued by:
Abstracts and index of reports and articles. v. 1 (Jan./Mar.1963)-v. 12, no. 4 (Jan. 1975)
Documents (Lamont) Ind Doc 102.25
Law School Harvard Depository IN 020 IND

Continued by:
Abstracts of books, reports and articles, 1975-
Documents (Lamont) | Ind Doc 102.25 (1975-1997)
Law School | IN 020 IND

These publications index selected articles largely in the political, economic and social issues literature.

A select bibliography of periodical literature on India and Pakistan, 1947-70, by Pervaiz Iqbal Cheema. Islamabad: National Commission on Historical and Cultural Research, 1976-1984 3 v.
Widener | WID-LC | DS407.Z99 C33x

Southeast Asia/Philippines

Neliti: Indonesia's Research Repository offers 300,000 books, datasets and journal articles from Southeast Asia.

Excerpta Indonesica (Leyden), 1970- .
LOCATION: Tozzer: REF DS 611.A2 E9 (1976- )
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository XVTS 283 (CD-ROM)

Index to periodical articles relating to Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, ASEAN: humanities & social sciences (1980-93) offers unannotated references grouped under broad categories with subject and author indexes. Book reviews at back.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC DS521.Z99 I52x

Index to Philippine periodical literature, 1946-1967. 5 v.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC Z955.Q4 no. 10.

Index to Philippine periodicals, 1956- .
LOCATION: Law School: Harvard Depository PHI 020 IND
LOCATION: Microforms (Lamont): Film S 1603
LOCATION: Widener: B 3135.20 [1985- ] Earlier at Harvard Depository
Online version (largely 2010- )

Index to Southeast Asian journals, 1960-1974: a guide to articles, book reviews, and composite works, 1960-1979.
LOCATION: Widener WID-LC: DS 501.J64 (1960-74)
LOCATION: Widener WID-LC: DS 501.J643 (1975-79)


List of articles on Korea in the western languages, 1800-1964.
--Actually 1890-1964. "The articles listed here have been taken from the 'Reader's guide to English periodicals' and the 'Reader's guide to international periodicals', published in the United States."

An index to English language periodical literature published in Korea, 1890-1940

Index to English periodical literature published in Korea, 1945-1966.