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Widener Library. Image in HOLLIS

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Library Collections: Where and What

Weatherhead Center affiliates have access to all of Harvard's libraries. The essential resource for identifying and tracking down library materials -- in print or online -- is, of course, the HOLLIS catalog. But given the nature of Harvard's library system, and depending on the kind of information you need, you will probably spend time in several library locations during your time here. Some options for WCFIA program members in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences libraries include:


  • Widener Library: the central research library of Harvard University, and the largest, Widener holds (owns) materials in more than 100 languages from all eras, and from virtually every country in the world. The social sciences and humanities, in all of their varieties, are richly represented. Widener's collections of Africana, Americana, European history and culture, Judaica, Latin American studies, Middle Eastern studies, Slavic studies, and United Kingdom and Commonwealth are significant and will be of interest to WCFIA affiliates. Western language materials for the study of East, South, and Southeast Asia are also highlights.
  • Data and Government Information Collections at Lamont Library: Harvard has been an officially recognized depository for U.S. government publications since 1860. In addition, the publications of 160 foreign governments are made available here: legislative proceedings; parliamentary papers (for selected countries); statistical abstracts and reports; budgets, policy statements, and commission reports; demographic and economic census information; national accounts; the annual reports of ministries (selected countries); and development plans. The international organization documents and publications held in Government Documents include those of the League of Nations and the Organization of American States (OAS). Since 1947, Harvard has also collected U.N. Documents.
  • Harvard-Yenching Library: important and comprehensive collections in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Manchu, Mongolian, Tibetan, and Vietnamese.

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